Our Quality Control

At Boston Pan y Pizza, our number one priority is the quality of our products. As such, we verify the quality of our raw materials, we control the steps of our production processes, and we monitor the delivery chain until our products are received by our customers.  We work under the framework of "Good Manufacturing Practices" to assure the quality of all our products.  


In addition, our controls include:


a) Control of suppliers so that we can always have raw materials that comply with our quality specifications.


b) Standardization of processes so that our customers can trust that our products will always maintain the same quality.


c) Traceability system that allows us to know the history, location, and path of our products.  With this system we analyze the raw materials utilized, where they came from, where they are going, and the way they were handled, processed, and transformed.  This system allows us to better follow and control the product and thereby guarantee its security. 


d) Sanitization, cleaning, and personal hygiene systems with rigorous controls and verification.


e) Periodic microbiological controls in a laboratory certified under ISO 17025:2005, analyzing surfaces, products, water, operator's hands, etc.  


f) Integrated pest control system with an outside company expert in pest control for the food industry.  


g) Ongoing training of our personnel.


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